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The cult of every celebration

Anna Frascisco's experience and international contacts guarantee the wedding celebration with the specific ceremony you request. If Venice is your dream where to live the most exciting day of your life, Anna Frascisco and her team will take care of organizing the type of ceremony you desire in the smallest detail and with the utmost professionalism.

The civil ceremony in Italy can be celebrated only in authorized places. Venice offers a generous number of breathtaking frames that are not only a dream for the bride and groom, but a real gift for all guests. Anna and her team will take care of guiding you in every legal and bureaucratic detail and offer you the best sites authorized by the State: historic villas, panoramic terraces on the Grand Canal, secret gardens are just some of the locations that will welcome the ceremony.

Venice boasts dozens of churches with a magical atmosphere: from the most majestic to the most intimate and hidden collections even to tourists. Anna Frascisco will be able to present you a rigorous choice based on your wishes that will leave you breathless. Her team will also take care of conducting you in the completion of all the procedures necessary for the performance of the ritual and the recognition of your union if you live abroad.

Venice is one of the Italian cities where celebrating a Protestant rite is not only possible, but wonderful. Anna Frascisco and her team will coordinate with the couple all the details of the requested rite, whether Baptist, Lutheran, Evangelist, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Adventist or Anglican. Once the cult has been defined, they will identify a choice of churches or locations where the pastor can officiate the ritual, between private or outdoor chapels, romantic gardens or villas and historic houses of timeless charm.

Choosing to celebrate the Jewish wedding in Venice is a tribute not only to the spouses and their families, but to all the ancient Orthodox tradition that contributed to the history of Venice. The ritual can be officiated in one of the splendid synagogues of the city, or inside unique frames in the world, outdoors or in palaces and period villas. Anna Frascisco and her team will take charge of handling all legal, bureaucratic and religious procedures so that everything is perfect. The spouses, together with Anna, will define the kosher catering or banquet in the spirit of refinement and the most traditional Italian elegance.

There is no more awaited ceremony, prepared and lived with joy in the Hindu tradition, of the celebration of marriage. And perhaps there is no city more romantic, fascinating and unexpected than Venice in Italy at all. Anna Frascisco realized that this combination is truly able to give magical emotions, thanks to the eclectic nature of Venice, a city able to amaze for days, with its aristocratic sceneries and its breathtaking corners. Whatever the tradition that the couple will want to follow, her team will know how to design, organize and carry out a wedding that will remain engraved not only in the heart of the spouses, but of all the guests, forever.

Choosing to celebrate one’s union with a symbolic ceremony is possible for couples who are already civilly married, or for those who do not intend to formalize their cohabitation from a legal or religious point of view. The ritual is not binding, but it is certainly one of the most exciting to experience and to which to assist because it does not have to follow rules, but only to express the whole personality of the couple with votes, songs and quotations. And when it comes to expressing love and creativity, Venice is second to none. Anna Frascisco and her team will propose the most unexpected and fascinating locations, the most sought after catering and every class detail to make this, not just a day of celebration, but a day of value.

In the infinite panorama of romantic gestures, the renewal of the vows is perhaps one of the most poetic. Choosing the same person after so many years is a will that must be embedded and celebrated in a magical event. Venice is a teacher in this: its historic homes, its secret gardens, its private chapels are ideal locations whether you decide for a religious liturgy, whether you prefer a civil or symbolic rite. Anna Frascisco and her team will deal with proposing the concepts for the event, choosing the location, defining the catering and every detail in pure Venetian style: aristocratic and passionate.

Photo Credits: Glauco Comoretto